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The Hong Kong Plastic Machinery Performance Testing Centre - Individual Model Certification Schemes


The Scheme tests and certifies an individual machine's compliance with the manufacturer's designated specifications.

P-Q mark

All machines with the P-Q mark were fully tested and certified with advanced and precise testing equipment according to international testing standards.


Label for the Individual Machine Certification Scheme
Label for the Individual Machine Certification Scheme

Testing Certificate for Individual Machine
Testing Certificate for Individual Machine


Types of Tests
Design Features
  • Visual and operation check on the design features and functions of the injection, clamping, control units and the lubrication system

Overall Specification & Performance
  • Machine net weight
  • Oil tank capacity
  • Machine outline dimensions
  • Main motor power
  • Maximum hydraulic system pressure
  • Cycle Time Test
Injection Unit
  • Plasticizing screw diameter and L/D ratio
  • Injection stroke, volume and shot weight
  • Nozzle radius, opening diameter and protrusion depth
  • Nozzle stroke
  • Hopper capacity
  • Plasticizing heating power
  • Injection pressure
  • Specific injection power of EUROMAP classification
  • Nozzle holding force
  • Maximum plasticizing screw rotation speed
  • Plasticizing capacity
  • Linearity of the Actual Injection Pressure vs Machine Setting
  • Injection Rate Variation Versus Stroke Volume
  • Linearity of the Plasticizing Screw Rotation Speed
  • Melt Temperature Variation
  • Pressure Spike Test
  • Colour Mixing Capability Test
  • Injection System Test
  • Theoretical Injection Pressure
Clamping Unit
  • Tie bar diameter and spacing
  • Mould locating ring hole diameter and depth
  • Mould fixing hole thread size, depth and spacing
  • Ejector rod extrusion hole diameter and spacing
  • Ejector stroke
  • Mould opening stroke
  • Minimum and maximum mould thickness
  • Maximum clamping force
  • Dry cycle time
  • Linearity of the Mould Clamping Force
  • Mould Platen Parallelism
  • Mould Clamping Force vs Tie Bar Elongation


Overall Specifications
Test No. Demonstration Test Name Testing Standard
1.1 View Machine Net Weight EUROMAP 1
1.2 N/A Oil Tank Capacity --
1.3 View Machine Outline Dimensions EUROMAP 1
1.4 N/A Main Motor Power --
1.5 N/A Maximum Hydraulic System Pressure EUROMAP 1


Design Features
Test No. Demonstration Test Name Testing Standard
2.1 View Injection Features EUROMAP 1
2.2 View Plasticizing Features EUROMAP 1
2.3 View Carriage Features EUROMAP 1
2.4 View Mould Clamping and Opening Features EUROMAP 1
2.5 View Mould Adjustment Features EUROMAP 1
2.6 View Ejection Features EUROMAP 1
2.7 View Position Control Features EUROMAP 1
2.8 View Pressure Control Features EUROMAP 1
2.9 View Speed Control Features EUROMAP 1
2.10 View Temperature Control Features EUROMAP 1
2.11 View Operation Mode Functions EUROMAP 1
2.12 View Lubrication Function and Operation EUROMAP 1


Injection Unit
Test No. Demonstration Test Name Testing Standard
3.1 N/A Theoretical Injection Pressure --
3.2 View Actual Injection Pressure EUROMAP 1
3.3 N/A Plasticizing Capacity EUROMAP 19
3.4 View Nozzle Holding Force --
3.5 View Plasticizing Screw Diameter EUROMAP 1,SPI BI-110
3.6 View Plasticizing Screw L/D Ratio EUROMAP 1
3.7 View Injection Stroke EUROMAP 1
3.8 N/A Injection Volume EUROMAP 1
3.9 N/A Shot Weight EUROMAP 1
3.10 View Nozzle Radius JIS B6701
3.11 View Nozzle Opening Diameter JIS B6701
3.12 View Nozzle Protrusion Depth JIS B6701
3.13 View Plasticizing Heating Power EUROMAP 1
3.14 View Maximum Plasticizing Screw Rotation Speed EUROMAP 1
3.15 N/A Specific Injection Power EUROMAP 1,EUROMAP 4
3.16 View Carriage Stroke --
3.17 View Hopper Capacity --
3.18 View Injection Rate EUROMAP 1, EUROMAP 5


Clamping Unit
Test No. Demonstration Test Name Testing Standard
4.1 View Maximum Clamping Force EUROMAP 7
4.2 View Dry Cycle Time EUROMAP 6
4.3 View Mould Locating Ring Hole Diameter EUROMAP 2, JIS B6701
4.4 View Mould Locating Ring Hole Thickness EUROMAP 2, JIS B6701
4.5 View Tie Bar Diameter JIS B6701
4.6 View Tie Bar Spacing JIS B6701
4.7 View Mould Fixing Hole Specification EUROMAP 2, JIS B6701
4.8 View Mould Fixing Hole Spacing EUROMAP 2, JIS B6701
4.9 View Ejector Force --
4.10 View Ejector Rod Extrusion Hole Spacing EUROMAP 2
4.11 View Ejector Rod Extrusion Hole Diameter EUROMAP 2
4.12 View Maximum Ejector Stroke --
4.13 View Mould Opening Stroke EUROMAP 1
4.14 View Minimum Mould Thickness --
4.15 View Maximum Mould Thickness EUROMAP 1
4.16 View Maximum Mould Daylight WI-004-14, WI-004-15