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Precision Testing & Certification


The worldwide trend towards better quality products and the increasing emphasis on product reliability, safety and health standards have made testing and quality control an integral part of any manufacturing processes.

PTC has comprehensive and advanced facilities for testing plastic materials and processing machinery. All tests made are in accordance with national and international standards such as ASTM, BS, DIN, JIS, EUROMAP, IEC, SPC, etc. PTC can provide not just quantitative figures, but also in-depth analysis and interpretation of the measurements and testing results.

Plastic Material Property Testing

Physical and Mechanical Property
- Density and specific gravity
- Tensile strength, modulus and elongation
- Compressive strength and modulus
- Flexural strength and modulus
- Izod and Charpy impact strength
- Puncture load and energy
- Shore A, Shore D and Rockwell hardness

Physical and Mechanical Property  Physical and Mechanical Property


Thermal Property
- Heat deflection and Vicat softening temperature
- Melt and glass transition temperature
- Coefficient of linear thermal expansion
- Decomposition temperature
- Crystallization temperature

Thermal Property  Thermal Property


Electrical and Optical Property
- Surface and volume resistivity
- Electrical conductivity
- Refractive index
- Colour difference and colour matching

Electrical and Optical Property  Electrical and Optical Property


Plastic Material Characteristics Testing

Weatherability and Flammability
- UV accelerated weathering test
- Photodegradability test
- Flammability test

Weatherability and Flammability  Weatherability and Flammability


- Melt flow index
- Melt flow rate
- Spiral flow analysis
- Plastic melt rheology

Processability  Processability


Composition and structure analysis

Composition and structure analysis  Composition and structure analysis