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Precision Testing & Certification

The worldwide trend towards better quality products and the increasing emphasis on product reliability, safety and health standards have made testing and quality control an integral part of any manufacturing processes.

HKPC’s Plastic Technology Centre (PTC) has comprehensive and advanced facilities for testing plastic materials, products and processing machineries. All tests are conducted in accordance with national and international standards such as ASTM, BS, DIN, JIS, EUROMAP, IEC, SPC, etc. PTC provides not just quantitative figures from the tests, but also in-depth analysis of the product performance and testing results, allowing manufacturers to better understand their products for meeting different requirements of the customers.

Plastic Material Property Testing

Weatherability and Degradability

  • Accelerated weathering test (UV, Xenon)
  • Biodegradability (Aerobic and anaerobic conditions)

Weatherability and Degradability Testing) Weatherability and Degradability Testing)

Material Characterisation

  • FTIR Test (Polymer: Plastic, Cellulose)
  • Molecular weight test (GPC Analysis)
  • SEM/EDX Analysis

Material Characterisation

Physical and Mechanical Property

  • Density and specific gravity
  • Tensile strength, modulus and elongation
  • Compressive strength and modulus
  • Flexural strength and modulus

Physical and Mechanical Property Testing)

Thermal Property

  • Melting and glass transition temperature
  • Decomposition temperature
  • Crystallization temperature

Thermal Property Testing)


  • Melt flow index

Processability Testing)