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Qing Yan Eco-Joss Paper Furnace

Burning joss papers or incense is a Chinese tradition in paying tribute to the ancestors or spiritual worship. These burning activities in places like temples, crematoria or other holy places usually create air pollution to the environment and nuisances to the public in terms of smoke emissions. At present, simple water spraying systems are usually adopted to reduce the smoke emission. Yet smoke removal efficiencies of these systems are always in doubt as water spray cannot intercept fine smoke particles from the air stream effectively.

Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC) is fully aware of these issues and has developed a real solution for smoke control for joss paper furnace. HKPC in collaboration with an electrostatic precipitator manufacturer in Mainland China have developed an advanced "Qing Yan" Eco-joss paper furnace to remove smoke particles and fume effectively from joss paper burning in an integrated unit of furnace and air-cleaner.

Cleaner temple air
  • Specifically targets the smoke and airborne ash caused by burning paper
  • Remove particulates to improve air quality in temples, crematoria, columbaria and mortuaries

Qing Yan Eco-Joss Paper Furnace
Qing Yan Eco-Joss Paper Furnace