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Approved ITF Projects


PRP/007/21AI R&D of 19-Seater Low-Entry Full Electric Light Bus with Modular Battery and Smart Driving System Implementation Organisation 5.990105
ITP/003/21AP Development of Integrated and High-Efficient SiC Dual-Mode Drive Control System for Electric Trucks Implementation Organisation 5.6
ITP/019/21AP Development of Cooperative Autonomous Roadwork Vehicle Using 5G C-V2X Communication Implementation Organisation 5.4957451
PRP/006/21AI Development of an Integrated Intelligent System for High value-added Critical Automotive Components MultiStage Manufacturing Implementation Organisation 4.72283
ITT/002/21GP Trial: Development of Laser Polishing Technology for Eco-friendly, Cost-effective and Rapid Metal Surface Finishing Lead Applicant 3.675816
PRP/002/22AI Development of Electric Motorcycle with Integrated and High-efficient Powertrain System Implementation Organisation 3.48
ITS/140/20FP Development on Testing Algorithms and Advanced Development Toolkits for Smart Wearables and Hybrid/ Traditional Watches Lead Applicant 3.2985
ITP/033/21AP Next Generation AI Robotic Indoor Positioning System by Fusion of Magnetic Sensor and Depth Camera Implementation Organisation 2.760318
GSP/066/21 Cultivating Hong Kong Secondary School Student in the Innovative Use of Augmented Reality Technology in a vHK Grand Tour Showcase Lead Applicant 2.754659
ITP/035/21AP R&D of Advanced AI Imaging System for Adverse Atmospheric Conditions for Autonomous Driving Implementation Organisation 2.746
ITT/010/22TI Trial: Thermal Comfort, Light Weight and Recyclable Bedding Products Made from Air Splitting Technology Implementation Organisation 2.6377044
ITP/048/21AP Development of Autonomous People Mover System Implementation Organisation 2.564286
PRP/059/21FX Development of a Maintenance-free and Self-energized Industrial Wireless Sensor (MSIWS) Lead Applicant 2.4265074
ITP/020/21AP Development of In-House Severe Plastic Deformation (SPD) Process for Lightweight, High Strength, Ductile and Anti-Corrosion Iron-Based High Entropy Alloy Sheet (HEA) Implementation Organisation 2.39997
PRP/057/21FX Development of Argon-shielded High-speed Rotary-assisted Fragmentation (AHRF) Technology for High-productivity and High-quality Light Alloy Powder Lead Applicant 2.18832
ITP/006/21AP Feasibility Study on Graphene Applications for Automotive Cabin Heating Implementation Organisation 1.995472
ITT/016/21AP Trial: Smart EV Charging Station based on Dynamic Power Management System Implementation Organisation 1.932
PRP/043/20AI Development of a V2X enabled Road Pavement Health Monitoring System with Positioning Enhancement for Autonomous Driving Implementation Organisation 1.904616
ITP/034/21AP Development of Multi-Point Forming Technology with Process Parameters Optimization Mechanism for Manufacturing of Automotive Complex 3D Forming Aluminum Sheet Parts Implementation Organisation 1.69452
MHP/015/20 Study Key Technologies of Dim Small Defects Identification of Typical Power Grid Equipment Based on Few-shot Learning in the Federated Learning Framework Lead Applicant 1.669864
GSP/021/21 HKPC Pavilion at InnoCarnival 2021 Lead Applicant 1.1725194
GSP/044/21 Hong Kong Tech Challenge Game 2022 Implementation Organisation 1.129604
GSP/030/21 Enhancing awareness, knowledge and application on Smart health monitoring technologies among Chinese Medicine Practitioners and related professionals in Post- COVID era Lead Applicant 0.910638
ITT/010/21AP Trial: Low-speed Autonomous Mobility for Delivery and Inspection Implementation Organization 0.896855
GSP/034/21 Human, Machine, Art, Creativity: An International Symposium Lead Applicant 0.8934725
GSP/029/21 Nurturing Hong Kong IoT Innovation Towards National Arena via Regional Competition and Coaching Lead Applicant 0.8841123
GSP/001/21 Guidebook for Safety and Performance Standards for Professional Service Robots Lead Applicant 0.7501568
  Sub-total: 68.57M


Total: $68.57M