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Trade and Industrial Organisation Support Fund


T21004003 Promote the Advantage of Hong Kong Eyewear Industry in the Adoption of 3D Technology in Eyewear Design and Production Implementation Agent 1.614136
T21004006 Unifying the Technical Capability of Hong Kong Watch Manufacturers and Creativity of Hong Kong Designers to Explore the Youth Markets Implementation Agent 1.38267
T21004007 Hong Kong Patent Landscape Report Implementation Agent 2.087361
T22001001 To Raise the Awareness of Hong Kong Giftware SMEs in the Greater Bay Area Through Promoting their Fascinating Design and Creativity Implementation Agent 2.434655
T22001008 Increase Local Industry’s Knowledge of Health Industry Policies of the Greater Bay Area (GBA) and Formulate Strategies to Integrate into the Development of GBA Health Industry Implementation Agent 1.430995
T22001010 Grasping the Opportunities in the Post-epidemic Era by Promoting the Sophisticated Advanced Manufacturing Technologies and High-quality Metal Components in Mainland China Implementation Agent 1.64187
T22002004 To Enhance the Competitiveness of the Electroplating Industry in the Low-carbon Market through a Comprehensive Study and the Development of a Carbon missions Calculation Platform to Enhance Their Standard of Carbon Footprint Disclosure Implementation Agent 1.94355
T22003003 Empower the Logistics Industry and Hong Kong Enterprises to Implement Digital Transformation and Achieve Competency in Hong Kong Implementation Agent 1.353006
T22003004 To Promote the New Eco and Intelligent Technology of Local Apparel Machinery in the Mainland and Vietnam Markets Implementation Agent 3.512017
T22003007 Promoting the Smart Manufacturing Capability of Screw and Fastener Industry in Using Multi Tasks Manufacturing (MTM) Technology to Explore the Mainland Market Implementation Agent 2.428632
  Sub-total: 19.83M


Total: $19.83M