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HKPC Welcomes Measures to Promote “The Northern Metropolis” I&T Development and Re-organisation of the Government Structure

(Hong Kong, 12 January 2022) The Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC) welcomes the measures announced at the Chief Executive's Question and Answer Session in the Legislative Council today (January 12) regarding the support on innovation and technology (I&T) development under the promulgation of the “Northern Metropolis Development Strategy” (Development Strategy), as well as the re-organisation of the Government Structure. HKPC strives to tie in with the Government strategy to strengthen the cooperation of the Government, industry, academic and research sectors, so as to enable high value-added industries to take root in Hong Kong, thus developing Hong Kong as an international I&T hub as promulgated in the National 14th Five-Year Plan.

HKPC supports the Government’s proposal to re-title the Innovation and Technology Bureau as the Innovation, Technology and Industry Bureau. HKPC believes The Innovation, Technology and Industry Bureau will enhance the policy function of reindustrialisation and strive to build an industry chain for I&T fully covering research and development (R&D), financing, intelligent production and even commercialization, facilitating advanced manufacturing to take root in Hong Kong in a long run. HKPC will provide comprehensive support in terms of technology, R&D, talents and government funding to the industries. With the application of Industry 4.0 and advanced manufacturing technologies, HKPC is committed to attracting more high value-added industries to set up operations in Hong Kong, creating more value to the local enterprises, and hence building a more complete I&T ecosystem.

HKPC will work closely with the Government to promote I&T development under the Development Strategy, particularly in developing Hong Kong’s advantageous aspects such as R&D industry, advanced manufacturing, and life and health sciences, facilitating Hong Kong to integrate into the overall development of the country and seize the opportunities of the Greater Bay Area (GBA). The Development Strategy aims at providing more employment opportunities especially in R&D field for youths, so as to enrich the local I&T talent pool and create greater upward social mobility for them. HKPC is actively exploring the feasibility to establish HKPC branch office and related R&D centre at Hong Kong-Shenzhen Innovation and Technology Park, and has recruited an international consultant to conduct consultations with industries and stakeholders to prepare a feasibility research report. With solid foundation and experience in R&D, advanced manufacturing and comprehensive technical support, HKPC hopes to create new economic impetus for the industries with the application of advanced technologies.

HKPC is delighted that the Government intends to formulate development policies that are beneficial for the development of industries and talents. It is expected to attract more Mainland and overseas enterprises, R&D organisations and talents to participate in I&T development in Hong Kong. In the future, HKPC will strive to integrate into the overall development of the country, support Government I&T policies and cater to enterprises’ needs. HKPC also aims to utilise R&D technologies to boost I&T development and broaden the local I&T talent pool, driving the development of Hong Kong’s reindustrialisation and promoting Hong Kong as an international I&T hub.

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