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HKPC Welcomes Appointment of New Chairman 24/06/2022
HKPC Organises “vHK Grand Tour” AR Design Competition Kick-Off Ceremony cum Seminar to Celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Establishment of the HKSAR and Promote the Use of AR Technology among Secondary Students for a Green and Smart Hong Kong 22/06/2022
HKPC Congratulates the New Appointments of Principal Officials of the HKSAR Government Welcomes & Supports Secretary for Innovation, Technology & Industry (Designate) Professor Sun Dong 20/06/2022
HKPC and HKUST Launch Joint Research Lab for Industrial AI and Robotics Fostering Intelligent & Advanced Manufacturing and Industrial I&T Talent Development 10/06/2022
HKPC Signs MOU with HKFEW TechEd Centre and PolyU CPCE to Jointly Promote TechEd while Introducing “vHK Grand Tour AR Design Competition” 07/06/2022
HKPC Unveils “Green Hall” with Innovative GreenTech Empowering People to Have Greener Choices in Everyday Life and to Act in Concert to Help Hong Kong Achieve Carbon Neutrality 30/05/2022
HKPC Digital DIY Portal Beta Version Debuts 100+ Digital Transformation Solutions Available to Help SMEs Thrive in the New Normal 25/05/2022
Two HKPC I&T Inventions Win TechConnect 2022 Innovation Awards Reducing Product Manufacturing Time By At Least 80% and Slowing Down Children’s Myopia Progression Through Instant Data Analysis 19/05/2022
HKPC Attains Regional PR Accolade Winning the Best Corporate Affairs Strategy Award at PR Awards 2022 17/05/2022
HKPC and HKSYU Join Hands to Nurture Talents in Media Communications and Technologies with All-round Internships and I&T Work Projects 13/05/2022
HKPC Helps Hong Kong Enterprise Achieve Advanced Manufacturing with Intelligent Electrospinning Production Lines for High Value-added “Made-in-Hong Kong” Nanofiber Material 10/05/2022
HKPC Announces Standard Chartered Hong Kong SME Leading Business Index Q2 2022 The Fifth Wave of Epidemic Triggered a Record Drop of 12.4 and a Setback of SME’s Overall Business Confidence across Industries 26/04/2022
Third-Generation “Made in Hong Kong” Corn Juice Production Goes Advanced Manufacturing HKPC Uses Technology to Sustain Hometown Taste and Help Brand Shine in Overseas Markets 11/04/2022
Secretary for Innovation and Technology and Commissioner for Innovation and Technology Visit “VaxMobile” Practical Use of HKPC’s R&D Achievement for Anti-Epidemic Fight 06/04/2022
HKPC Wins the Most Awards in Hong Kong Attaining 38 Accolades at 2022 Geneva International Exhibition of Inventions with “SMART PATCH” Achieving the Highest Accolade of Gold Medal with Congratulations of Jury 29/03/2022
HKPC’s Advanced Manufacturing and Green Technology R&D Feats Imparting Practical Technology Applications for Different Industries Win the Most Product-based Accolades at 2021-22 Hong Kong Awards for Industries 24/03/2022
HKPC Academy Launches Free Online Programmes to Groom Your FutureSkills WFH? Why not Learn From Home? 16/03/2022
HKPC Sets up Intelligent Production Line for Local Fresh Liquid Eggs Manufacturer Significantly Raising Production Capacity and Food Safety to Help “Made in Hong Kong” Brand Shine in GBA Market 03/03/2022
HKPC Offers Half-Price Concessions Measures for SMEs to Tide Over the Financial Difficulties Transform Challenge to Opportunities 01/03/2022
HKPC Welcomes 2022-23 Budget Proposals Offering Full Support to Help SMEs Overcome Difficulties with Innovation and Technology and Reinforcing Hong Kong’s I&T Development 23/02/2022
HKPC Builds the First “Rebar Friction Welding Smart Production Line” Fostering the Smartification of Prefabricated Components in the Construction Industry Addressing Building Safety and Manpower Shortage Issues 21/02/2022
Two HKPC Staff Tested Preliminarily Positive for COVID-19 HKPC Building will be Closed to the Public until 24 February Related Activities will be Postponed or Cancelled 14/02/2022
Cyber Attacks Become More Complex and Diversified Phishing Attacks Reach New High HKCERT Calls on Public to Raise Awareness of Information Security 10/02/2022
HKPC Winter Internship Programme Attracts Overwhelming Response with Around 1,000 Applications Graduates Strive to Enhance Quality of Life with “Down-to-Earth” R&D Innovations 09/02/2022
HKPC Announces Standard Chartered Hong Kong SME Leading Business Index Q1 2022 Overall Index Shows Steady Trend More than 90% Surveyed SMEs Have Insufficient Knowledge about ESG 25/01/2022
HKPC Welcomes Measures to Promote “The Northern Metropolis” I&T Development and Re-organisation of the Government Structure 12/01/2022
HKPC Builds Intelligent Production Line for Local Beverage Manufacturer Utilising “i4.0” Technologies to Achieve Advanced Manufacturing for the Development of High Value-added Industries in Hong Kong 11/01/2022
HKPC Serves as Superconnector of SMEs in Greater Bay Area Taking Charge as Chairing Organisation of GBA Productivity Alliance 10/01/2022
HKPC Fights Against Epidemic with New Arrangements for Pandemic Prevention Undergoing Virus Testing Every 3 Days and Expanding the Vaccine Bubble 07/01/2022
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