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Approved ITF Projects


PRP/018/22FX Development of Intelligent Hybrid High-efficiency Surface Optimisation (IHHSO) Technology Combining Surface Asperity Redistribution, Real-time Thermal Management, and Mechanical Buffing for Precious Metal Products with High-emissivity Lead Applicant 2.905858
ITP/042/22AP R&D of In-Vehicle Road Surface Condition Detection System based on AI Sensor Fusion Implementation Organisation 2.712933
GSP/017/22 To Enhance Hong Kong Youth's Engineering Capabilities through Participating in International STEM Campaign Lead Applicant 2.511124
PRP/015/22FX Development of 3D Metal Surface Defects Analysis Methodology, AI Assisted System and Smart Inspection Machine Lead Applicant 2.103976
PRP/093/21FX Development of a Novel Production Method for High Quality Synthetic Diamond via Electron Cyclotron Resonance (ECR) Process Lead Applicant 1.580958
GSP/052/22 HKPC Pavilion at InnoCarnival 2022 Lead Applicant 1.3106276
ITT/022/22AP Trial: Contactless A.I. Drowsiness Detection System based on Sensor Fusion Implementation Organisation 1.109859
GSP/019/22 Create Smart Ageing City Implementation Organisation 0.888218
GSP/048/21 Quantum Technology Awareness promotion programme in HK & GBA Lead Applicant 0.656348
GSP/051/21 To Promote Circular Economy Technologies into Hong Kong Plastics Industry Lead Applicant 0.528145
GSP/050/21 Materials and Processing Technology Leap Towards Non EV New Energy Vehicles and Post Treatment-Free EV Battery Parts Manufacturing Lead Applicant 0.460709
  Sub-total: 16.77M


Total: $16.77M