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Trade and Industrial Organisation Support Fund


T22004004 Threading the Needle - Start with Innovation, Make It a Revolution Implementation Agent 1.75752
T23001001 Promoting High Quality Hong Kong Nonwovens Products to ASEAN and Middle East for Market Expansion and to Showcase Green Technology Application in Future Nonwovens Products Implementation Agent 2.813706
T23001005 Showcase the Advanced 3D Technology Utilised by Hong Kong Footwear Industry Implementation Agent 2.082271
T23001008 To Enhance the Competitiveness of Hong Kong Mould and Die Industry Through Exchange of Market Information and Collaboration with Industry Players in Asia Implementation Agent 0.792648
T23002002 Promote the Superior, Innovative and Advanced Hong Kong Electrical Appliance Industry to Explore New Opportunities in the Mainland Implementation Agent 1.988913
T23002004 Promoting the Advanced Casting Capability of the Foundry Industry in Using Precision Casting Technology to Explore the Automotive Market in Turkey Implementation Agent 1.511172
T23002008 To Showcase the Technical Strength of “Sustainable Fashion” of the Hong Kong Fashion Design Industry to Potential Buyers in the Mainland and Japan Implementation Agent 1.956069
T23002009 To Promote the Design Capability and Technical Strengths of Hong Kong Fur Industry Producing Trendy Fur Products to Potential Buyers in the United States, Central Asia and the Middle East Implementation Agent 2.615085
T23003003 Empowering the Knitwear Industry for Carbon Neutrality: Case Studies and Carbon Footprint Assessment Tool Development Implementation Agent 1.77102
T23003004 To Promote the Comprehensive Technical Competency of Hong Kong Precision Mould and Plastic Component Manufacturing Industry through Technical Demonstrations in Global Market Implementation Agent 3.691639
T23003008 To Improve the Competitiveness of Local Bio-med Industry by Strengthening Its Connection with Global High-end Bio-med Industry Implementation Agent 0.987885
T23003010 The Guide for Sustainability Journey – A Practical Toolkit for Hong Kong Fashion and Textile Industry Implementation Agent 1.29213
T23003011 To Demonstrate the Technical Strengths of Hong Kong Footwear Industry to Buyers and Brands in Europe Implementation Agent 2.680693
  Sub-total: 25.94M


Total: $25.94M