Trade and Industrial Organisation Support Fund (2021/22)

T21002006 To Enhance Hong Kong Automotive SMEs' Technological Capability and Explore Business Opportunities in the Mainland Implementation agent 2.314572
T21002014 To Promote the Intelligent Manufacturing System of Hong Kong Plastic Machinery Manufacturers in China Implementation agent 2.296629
T21001010 To Promote the Technical Competency of Hong Kong Precision Mould and Plastic Component Manufacturing Industry in International Arena Implementation agent 2.165055
T21001014 Showcasing Technology Advancement of Hong Kong Internet of Things (IoT) Industry in ASEAN Countries Implementation agent 2.119122
T21002015 To Illustrate Technical Strengths of Hong Kong Fabric Suppliers to Potential Buyers in ASEAN Implementation agent 1.689894
T21003010 A Program to Promote the Diversified Products and Services of Hong Kong Pet Industry in the Mainland Implementation agent 1.647197
T21003011 Promoting the “Green” Movement by Hong Kong Plastics Industry: Eco-design, Novel Materials and Advanced Processing Implementation agent 1.445051
T21003001 Navigating New Retail through Enhancing O2O Customer Experience Implementation agent 1.185327
T21003009 To Demonstrate the Technical Strength of Food and Beverage of "Made in Hong Kong" Brands to Potential Markets in the Greater Bay Area Implementation agent 1.106037
T21002004 Empower Jewellery Retail Industry to Enhance Digital Transformation Competency Implementation agent 0.853218
T21002016 The road to sustainability - A Study on the Sustainable Trend of Natural Materials Used by Local Fashion and Textile Industry Implementation agent 0.79452
  Sub-total: 17.62M


Total: $17.62M