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Safety+ for Tail Lift Scheme

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Tail Lift Automatic Tripping System (ATS)

A tail lift (also called a mobile dock leveler) is a mechanical device permanently fitted to the back of van or lorry. The tail lift facilitates the workers to load or unload goods. However, unsafe operation of tail lifts can cause trapping injuries or even death. In the past few years, there were several serious accidents caused by the operation of tail lift, including

  1. Body of operators trapped by the tail lift when tail lift is closing.
  2. Foot of operators trapped by the tail lift when the tail lift is moving up.

Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC) proposed a Tail Lift Automatic Tripping System (ATS) to reduce the chance of injury. The system is composed of two parts:

  1. Tripping Device - It is a laser scanner to detect the obstruct when the tail lift is closing, and stop the operation of tail lift once emergency occurs
  2. Foot Protector - It is a photoelectric retro-reflective sensor to detect the foot when the tail lift is moving up from ground, and stop the operation of tail lift once emergency occurs
Service Details

HKPC provides consultancy service about ATS installation to the industry.

  1. HKPC will conduct on-site assessment to assess if the contractor is qualified to install the ATS. The qualified contractors will be listed in "List of participating contractors" which will be shown in HKPC website for public inspection.
  2. When the ATS installation is complete, HKPC will conduct on-site inspection to inspect if the ATS meet the relevant requirements. Upon successful testing, HKPC will issue a label to the truck. This label proves that the ATS of the truck is inspected by HKPC and meets the relevantrequirements.

If you have any enquiries, please contact hotline of Safety+ for Tail Lift Scheme, Tel: 2788 5309 or Email:

List of Participating Contractors and Vehicles


This Label only certifies that this tail lift truck has installed the necessary safety devices which are inspected and verified by HKPC in compliance with the requirements of "Guidance Notes on Prevention of Tripping Hazard of Tail Lifts" issued by the Labour Department. This Label does not reduce, limit, or replace, any legal obligations upon any person to comply with any statutory duties under relevant legislation. Tail lift truck owner or user (e.g. driver, tail lift operator and worker) should ensure that the tail lift and the safety device are regularly inspected by a competent person and properly maintained and should check the normal application of the device prior to each use, in order to ensure the safely and efficiently operation of the tail lift. HKPC shall not accept any liability for any loss or damage resulting from the showing of this Label.

Tail Lift Automatic Tripping System (ATS)
Tail Lift Automatic Tripping System (ATS)