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SME One strives to facilitate local SMEs and Startups to sustain their businesses’ competitiveness by providing timely assistance and comprehensive information on market insights, technology transformation and Government funding schemes, through its InnoPreneur Network.


“InnoPreneur Network” O2O Platform for SMEs and Start-ups

Welcome to InnoPreneur Network – a one-stop platform where big and small enterprises, as well as startups, come together to explore the latest industrial trends, share success stories, and receive support from industry experts, manufacturers, and Government funding schemes.

Established in mid-2021, we are on a mission to help enterprises achieve technology transformation and product commercialisation through a variety of events and resources. Our community provides an invaluable platform for SMEs and startups to share the latest technology applications and strategies on technological transformation and commercialisation of startup solutions, with a resourceful network of manufacturers, industry advisors, and Government funding assistance.

Since our establishment, we have partnered with over 170 business associations, public organisations and commercial enterprises. We have provided free online technology and business consultations, and organised more than 40 online and physical seminars and workshops. We have served more than 20,000 service users from SMEs and startups.

Whether you are looking to expand your business network or connect with like-minded individuals in the startup community, InnoPreneur Network is the perfect platform for you.

Join us now and become a part of the thriving business community in Hong Kong!


“SME ReachOut” & Free Consultation Service

SME ReachOut aims at enhancing SME's understanding of the Government's funding schemes and encouraging better utilisation of the support. Please reserve free consultation services to learn how the government funding schemes would be able to enrich your business.


Events in Focus

Diversified events are organized to bring SMEs the latest market information. Let’s check it out!

21 March 2024 【InnoPreneur Network - MeetUp】 Unlock Business Potential in the Mainland Market
29 February 2024 SME ReachOut Webinar - The Age of New Industrialisation: Funding Achieves Smart Production
27 February 2024 【InnoPreneur Network - SME LevelUp Workshops】Navigating Fintech in 2024
26 January 2024 【InnoPreneur Network X T-box MeetUp Drinks】The Heirs: Art + Tech in the Business World
24 January 2024 SME ReachOut Webinar - Optimising Cross-border eCommerce: Government Funding for Global Expansion
9 January 2024 【InnoPreneur Network - SME LevelUp Workshops】Boost Your Productivity with GenAI
20 December 2023 SME ReachOut Webinar - Driving Sustainable Growth: Coupling Government Funding and ESG for Success
30 November 2023 【InnoPreneur Network - SME LevelUp Workshops】Mastering E-Commerce Marketing Secrets
29 November 2023 SME ReachOut Webinar: Using Funding as an Engine: Accelerating Digital Transformation to Capture Business Opportunities
16 November 2023 【InnoPreneur Network - SME LevelUp Workshops】Douyin Traffic Guide
2 November 2023 【InnoPreneur Network - SME LevelUp Workshops】Xiaohongshu: Content Seeding Strategies
20 September 2023 【InnoPreneur Network - SME LevelUp Workshops】Management Essentials: Leadership Communication
29 August 2023 【InnoPreneur Network - SME LevelUp Workshops】The Ultimate Guide for Startups (IT Solutions)
22 August 2023 SME ReachOut Webinar: Transform Your Logistics Business into a High Value-added Model with Government Funding Support
3 August 2023 【InnoPreneur MeetUp】From Data to Dollars: Maximising Profitability Through SMART Solutions
27 July 2023 SME ReachOut Webinar: Form Filling Workshop (For Beginners) - Technology Voucher Programme
13 July 2023 【InnoPreneur Network - SME LevelUp Workshops】 - O2O Marketing Strategies
28 June 2023 SME ReachOut Webinar: Form Filling Workshop (For Beginners) - SME Export Marketing Fund
15 June 2023 【InnoPreneur Network - SME LevelUp Workshops】 - From Invisible to Irresistible
9 June 2023 【InnoPreneur MeetUp Drinks】 – The Business Heirs: Price of Success
31 May 2023 SME ReachOut Webinar: Form Filling Workshop (For Beginners) - BUD Fund
25 May 2023 【InnoPreneur Network - SME LevelUp Workshops】 - GBA Bible for Entrepreneurs Part 2
9 May 2023 【InnoPreneur Network - SME LevelUp Workshops】 - GBA Bible for Entrepreneurs Part 1
27 April 2023 【InnoPreneur Network - SME LevelUp Workshops】 - AI Business Tactics
26 April 2023 SME ReachOut Webinar: Grab the Golden Opportunity for Business Expansion with Government Funding Support
23 March 2023 【InnoPreneur Lunch & Learn】Online Workshop – Enhancing the Office's Efficiency via APIs in a Click
8 March 2023 【InnoPreneur Lunch & Learn】Online Workshop – All about ChatGPT
24 February 2023 【InnoPreneur MeetUp】Digitalisation on the rise: New Era . New Market
22 February 2023 SME ReachOut Webinar: Keep "Made in Hong Kong" brand alive with up to $15 Million Government Grant
18 January 2023 SME ReachOut Webinar: Adding “Value” to Your Business
20 December 2022 SME ReachOut Webinar: Stay Green • Be "Fund"
15 December 2022 InnoPreneur MeetUp “Web 3.0 Fiesta”
29 November 2022 "Get FUND with Ease" Series: ESS Form-filling Tactics Workshop
10 November 2022 InnoPreneur GBA MeetUp
27 October 2022 "Get FUND with Ease" Series: Form-filling Workshop - SME Export Marketing Fund
21 October 2022 【InnoPreneur MeetUp: Belt and Road LIVE】- Mapping your road for business in Bangladesh
28 September 2022 【InnoPreneur MeetUp】The Chinese Medicine Industry Power-up Technology • Market Expansion • Government Funding Support
22 September 2022 "Get FUND with ease" Series: TVP Form-filling Workshop
20 September 2022 【InnoPreneur Lunch & Learn】Online workshop - How do SMEs and enterprises benefit from HR Digital Transformation?
19 August 2022 InnoPreneur MeetUp “All About MetaVerse Series” – Episode III: MetaVerse In Action - Integrating the Virtual and Reality World
11 August 2022 "Get FUND with ease" Series: BUD Form-filling Workshop with Application Tactics
26 July 2022 【InnoPreneur Lunch & Learn】Online workshop - A proper “Multi-Payment System” is your critical success factor in the retail industry
30 June 2022 InnoPreneur vForum “All About MetaVerse Series” – Episode II: MetaVerse Strategies for Brands, SMEs and Entrepreneurs
28 June 2022 SME ReachOut - vMega Outreach Day 2022
14 June 2022 【InnoPreneur Lunch & Learn】How to transform and expand businesses with cloud technology
26 May 2022 SME ReachOut Webinar Series - Up to HK$10 Million Government Funding to Excel Your Industry Achievement by Innovation & Technology
24 May 2022 InnoPreneur Lunch & Learn Online Workshop - How can PEO benefit SMEs
13 May 2022 InnoPreneur vForum “All About MetaVerse Series” – Episode I: MetaVerse – The Next Big Thing
28 Apr 2022 SME ReachOut Webinar Series - How can SMEs Achieve Digital Transformation with Government Funding Scheme
17 Mar 2022 InnoPreneur vForum - How Hong Kong Enterprises Enter the Youth Market via Digital Transformation
14 Mar 2022 InnoPreneur vForum - Successful eCommerce strategies in the new normal
3 Mar 2022 SME ReachOut Webinar Series - Ride the "Digital Tides" to Upgrade Your Logistics Businesses
27 Jan 2022 SME ReachOut Webinar Series - Fostering SME Growth in 2022 through Dynamic Funding Support
3 Dec 2021 InnoPreneur KOL Session: The best strategy for SMEs in 2022 : new era of digital transformation
9 Nov 2021 InnoPreneur MeetUp - GBA Live
30 Sep 2021 InnoPreneur KOL Session: Revolutionising Cashflow Management for SME Success
27 Sep 2021 InnoPreneur KOL Session: Banking 4.0 – Unlocking Growth for SME
13 Aug 2021 SME ReachOut - 2021 Fund Fair PLUS
30 Jul 2021 InnoPreneur Forum “How Martech Drives Business”
3 Jun 2021 SME ReachOut - Here to Help!
28 May 2021 InnoPreneur Forum “F&B Technology  under the New Normal”
17 May 2021 Event Highlight of ASEAN Live - Vietnam
14 May 2021 Event Highlight of ASEAN Live - Indonesia
14 May 2021 SME ReachOut - Mega Outreach Day 2021
26 Mar 2021 InnoPreneur Forum “FoodTech – Transformation of Local Brands”


Contact Us:

Address: SME One, HKPC Building, 78 Tat Chee Avenue, Kowloon, Hong Kong (Kowloon Tong MTR Station Exit C1)
Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. ; 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm (except Public Holidays)
Hotline: (852) 2788 6292
WhatsApp (Do not support voice call) : (852) 5283 4131

Please book our time to enjoy face-to-face consultation.

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