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HKPC Welcomes Appointment of New Council Members 31/12/2021
CAD Launches Small Unmanned Aircraft Advanced Training Organisation Scheme with HKPC on the Pilot Run to Help Lay down Training and Assessment Benchmarks 20/12/2021
HKPC and Technology Education Sector Stage “TechEd Mini-Expo” to Explore New Trends in STEM Education and Talent Development 17/12/2021
HKCERT Urges Local IT Users to Patch Apache “Log4j” Vulnerability ASAP 16/12/2021
HKPC and VTC Join Hands to Develop InnoTalent with On-the-Job Training, Internships and Full-Time Employment Opportunities 13/12/2021
“Hong Kong Cyber Security New Generation Capture the Flag Challenge 2021” Award Presentation Ceremony Recognises Cyber Security Future Talents 10/12/2021
HKPC Attains Prestigious Directors Of The Year Awards 2021 and Special Recognition of Excellence in Board Diversity 01/12/2021
HKPC Anti-Epidemic Invention “kNOw Touch” Honoured Again Striking Gold at Hong Kong ICT Awards 2021: Smart Living (Smart Home) Award 29/11/2021
HKPC “ForeSight 2022” Concludes Successfully Finale Forum Explores Corporate Strategies for Carbon Neutrality with ESG Becoming the Key to Success for SMEs in the Future 19/11/2021
“ForeSight 2022” Third Forum Analyses the Prospects for Traditional Industries and Reveals Advanced Manufacturing Industries to Forge a New Chapter 19/11/2021
HKPC “ForeSight 2022” Second Forum Discusses Opportunities and Challenges of the 14th Five-Year Plan and GBA Leads SMEs to Leverage their Strengths to Explore New Business Opportunities 18/11/2021
“ForeSight 2022” Opens as Top Political, Business and I&T Leaders Share Macroeconomic Outlook for SMEs to Grasp New Normal Trends and Create New Opportunities in Finance and I&T 18/11/2021
HKPC Chairman and Executive Director Introduce “ForeSight 2022” Top Political, Business and I&T Leaders Join Forces to Explore GBA Opportunities and New I&T Trends 10/11/2021
HKPC Announces “Reindustrialisation Study – Hong Kong” Key Findings Technology Transformation is Irreversible for Three Traditional Industries “New Generation Semiconductor” Sets to Become an Emerging Industry of Reindustrialisation 08/11/2021
HKPC is Honoured to be Recognised in The Greater Bay Area Navigation Award for Its Outstanding Contribution to Help SMEs Thrive in GBA 05/11/2021
HKU-SCF FinTech Academy, HKPC and Cyberport Join Forces to Study FinTech Talent Gap Aiming to Provide Guidance for Financial Services Industry to Enhance FinTech Talent Pool 03/11/2021
HKPC Announces Compulsory Use of “LeaveHomeSafe” App for Entry from 8 November 2021 02/11/2021
HKPC Generates Socio-Economic Impacts – Striving to Make Smart Smarter 29/10/2021
SME Conference to Explore the Road to Recovery for SMEs as Q4 2021 SME Leading Business Overall Index Again Scores Three-Year High 28/10/2021
HKPC Claims Prestigious World-Class Honours at “the Oscars of Innovation” Winning the R&D 100 Award and a Special Recognition Gold Award 22/10/2021
HKCERT Urges Users of Remote Access Tools and NAS Devices to Beware of Ransomware Attacks 19/10/2021
HKPC’s Food TranSmarter Scoops Double Award Win at City I&T Grand Challenge 18/10/2021
HKPC Welcomes Policy Address Measures to Promote I&T Development to Power New Economy with Innovation 06/10/2021
“HKT Hong Kong Enterprise Cyber Security Readiness Index 2021” Up 2.7 Points to 49.6 Both Enterprises and Employees Are Urged to Strengthen Cyber Security Awareness to Defend Against Cyber Attacks Amid Rampant Phishing Emails 28/09/2021
HKPC’s Green and Anti-COVID-19 Technologies Win Two TechConnect 2021 Innovation Awards 14/09/2021
HKCERT Urges Microsoft Windows Users to be Vigilant Against Malicious Exploit of Critical Vulnerability 13/09/2021
HKPC 5G Future Hall Spearheads the Promotion of 5G R&D and Applications in Hong Kong with New 5G Intelligent Manufacturing and Smart Living Solutions on Show 07/09/2021
HKPC’s Intelligent Production and Anti-COVID-19 Innovations Recognised at Hong Kong Business Technology Excellence Awards 07/09/2021
HKPC and 500+ Students Set Guinness World Record on Mass Robot Programming Taking Lead in I&T Development and Application, FutureSkills Training and STEM Education to Nurture Future Talents 22/08/2021
Extraordinary Summer Jobs! HKPC Summer Intern “InnoTalents” Showcase Results of Amazing Transformation Giving Hong Kong R&D and Industrial Sectors a Youthful Boost 18/08/2021
“SME ReachOut - 2021 Fund Fair PLUS” Concludes Overwhelming Response with 14K Attendances Offers First-hand Assistance for SMEs with Various Funding Alternatives 13/08/2021
“SME ReachOut - 2021 Fund Fair PLUS” Opens HKPC-HKSAR Government-Business Sector Join Forces to Promote Funding Schemes to SMEs 11/08/2021
HKPC Builds Smart Production Line for Local Food Manufacturer Providing “One-stop” Support to Achieve Intelligent Manufacturing for the Sustainable Development of Food Industry 09/08/2021
“SME ReachOut - 2021 Fund Fair PLUS” Offers Information on 50+ Government Funding Schemes and Supporting Programmes to Help SMEs Achieve Turnaround and Embrace the New Normal 05/08/2021
HKPC and Grow with Google Join Forces to Help Hong Kong Grasp Future Business Skills 03/08/2021
HKPC’s Reindustrialisation and Smart Manufacturing R&D Feats Win Most at HKIE MIS Industry Award 2021 02/08/2021
HKPC Announces Standard Chartered Hong Kong SME Leading Business Index Q3 2021 Results Overall Index Scores a Three-Year High; SMEs Regain Business Confidence under Economic Recovery 27/07/2021
HKPC Promotes the Development of Gerontechnology with “Smart Elderly Health Care Monitoring System” Addressing Operation Concerns of Elderly Homes 16/07/2021
HKPC’s EAFF Technology Crowned Champion in the Internationally Acclaimed “IMechE – Best Project Award” 15/07/2021
HKPC Garners International Accreditations from Two Major Accountancy Bodies for its Outstanding Employee and Talent Development Programmes 22/06/2021
HKPC’s “The Hong Kong Jockey Club IT Support Programme for NGOs” Sets Local NGOs on the Path to IT Upgrading 17/06/2021
“Future of Work & Tech Experience Day” Releases Results of “The Future of Work & Skills Survey” Hybrid Work Sets Tone for New Normal FutureSkills Charts a New Course for Enterprises 03/06/2021
HKPC Offers “Family Caring Vaccination Day-off”- Paid Leave to Encourage Staff Accompanying Family Members Getting Vaccinated 02/06/2021
HKPC Supports “Early Vaccination for All” Campaign - Vaccination Makes Everyone Safe and Hong Kong Ready for Economic Take-off 31/05/2021
HKPC “Smarter Talent Gala” Interactive Recruitment Day for Talents to Explore I&T Career Opportunities 31/05/2021
Secretary for the Environment, Secretary for Innovation and Technology, and Commissioner for Innovation and Technology Visit HKPC’s Homegrown “Food TranSmarter” 27/05/2021
APAS Spearheads “Autonomous Driving Alliance” with 30+ Organisations Joining Force to Accelerate Smart Mobility Development in Hong Kong 25/05/2021
HKPC Announces Standard Chartered Hong Kong SME Leading Business Index Q2 2021 Results - Overall Index Rebounds to a Two-Year High; SMEs Plan Ahead with Government Budget Measures 29/04/2021
HKPC Launches 5G Future Hall to Converge Local 5G Operators and Technology Providers and Aims to Become Superconnector for 5G Applications in Hong Kong 28/04/2021
HKPC's Geneva Gold Medal with Congratulations of JuryAward Winner "kNOw Touch Contactless Elevator Control Panel" signing Technology Licensing Agreements with Roborn and Jardine Schindler to Promote Wider Adoption 30/03/2021
HKPC to launch One-Stop, Cross Business & Technology “InnoPreneur Network”with Successful Debut of “InnoPreneur Forum” on Food Tech Development 26/03/2021
HKCERT Urges Local Owners of Microsoft Exchange Server to Patch up System Vulnerabilities 25/03/2021
HKPC Wins 15 Awards at 2021 Geneva International Exhibition of Inventions Anti-COVID-19 R&D Feat "kNOw Touch - Contactless Elevator Control Panel" Being Awarded Gold Medal with Congratulations of Jury 22/03/2021
Hong Kong Forum of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics - Promotes Development of Smart Industries in Hong Kong and Greater Bay Area 22/03/2021
APAS Bolsters "Hong Kong Roadmap on Popularisation of Electric Vehicles" with All-Round Support for Hong Kong's EV Development and to Build a Smart City with R&D 19/03/2021
ITC x HKPC x HKSTP - "Golden Triangle" Accelerates Reindustrialisation in Hong Kong 17/03/2021
Hong Kong Forum of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics - Offers Experts' Insights on Innovative Applications and Technology Trends 16/03/2021
“Information Security Summit 2021” Presents the Latest Technologies to Cope with Cyber Security Risks Under New Normal 09/03/2021
HKPC Theme of the Year 2021: "Make Smart Smarter" - Smarter Era of Intelligent Manufacturing Launch Ceremony Witnesses New Milestone for Reindustrialisation in Hong Kong 26/02/2021
HKPC Welcomes 2021-22 Budget Measures with Pledge to Support SMEs to Create New Economy with Innovative Technologies and Promote Reindustrialisation in Hong Kong 24/02/2021
HKPC and HKCS Sign Pact to Enhance the Adoption of Emerging Technologies in Hong Kong 22/02/2021
HKPC and CUHK Join Forces to Nurture Next Generation InnoTalent with On-the-Job Research Opportunities to Strengthen Local Talent Pool 08/02/2021
HKPC Reveals Standard Chartered Hong Kong SME Leading Business Index Q1 2021 Results - Business Confidence Stricken SMEs Are Suggested to Grasp New Development Pattern 26/01/2021
HKPC Urges Enterprises for Cyber Security Strategy for the New Normal and New Technologies 19/01/2021
HKPC Fully Supports SIE Fund to Launch "Gerontechnology Platform" Harnessing Innovative Technologies to Foster Development & Cross-Sector Synergy 06/01/2021
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