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Latest Training Programme

Commencement Date Course Name DETAILS
22 Jun 2024Certified in Cyber Security (CC) Official TrainingDetails
24 Jun 2024Navigating the Cookieless World : A Guide to Alternative Tracking Solutions (with hands-on)Details
25 Jun 2024Inner Mongolia Mission Tour: ESG • Green Technology • SustainableDetails
25 Jun 2024Generative AI: Create Compelling Content EffortlesslyDetails
26 Jun 2024!nside Cards®️ Certified Facilitator Certification Programme (Level 1 & 2)Details
26 Jun 2024【SME ReachOut】 – Form-filling BootCamp Series For Beginners: Form-filling BootCamp for TVPDetails
29 Jun 2024「當Slime碰上STEAM」親子工作坊Details
02 Jul 2024Certificate Course in Food Safety & Technology – Qualified as Hygiene Manager (Jul 2024)Details
09 Jul 2024Coaching Gym x !nside Cards® WorkshopDetails
09 Jul 2024FutureSkills: Issues and Crisis Management in the Social Media WorldDetails