Latest Training Programme

HKPC academy classes block

Administered by HKPC, the HKPC Academy offers public training programmes, workshops, study missions and customized corporate training services for diversified sectors. The programmes and services are tailor made to the needs of industry, enterprises and individuals. The latest training programmes are as follows:

Course Name Commencement Date
Effective Tools for Remote Operation and Multi-Regional Business Communications for Manufacturing Industry 06 JUL 2020
Free Webinar | High Watchmaking Market Trend and Analysis 06 JUL 2020
Diploma in Creative Illustration (創意插畫學文憑課程) 07 JUL 2020
ISO GUM Measurement Uncertainty Certificate Course 07 JUL 2020
Leadership in Digital Transformation-Module 7: Positive and Growth Mindset 08 JUL 2020
Neuro-innovation: Driver for business growth and development 09 JUL 2020
Beyond 3D - 先進配套使3D打印如虎添翼 10 JUL 2020
HR Transformation – People Analytics 10 JUL 2020
Understanding Blockchain Technologies & Applications: An Experiential Programme 10 JUL 2020
Workshop on Multi Axis Machining and High Speed Graphite Machining 10 JUL 2020