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Customized Intelligent and Cognition Automation Machine & System Development

Develop the specific automation machine & system to replace labors working in production programmable and flexible.

Service details:
  • Customized automation machine & system development — Develop specific machine & system with required functions and specifications to meet client’s requirements in production automation
  • Sensors Applications and decision making — Apply different kinds of sensors for machine cognition, i.e. vision, motion, forcing, etc. so that the machine can respond to different scenarios or changing conditions automatically.

It is the first of its kind of system in the world for jewellery. The machine is equipped with a lot of sensors, such as RFID reader, machine vision, weight, position sensors, etc. so that the machine can handle different SKUs products and overcome the variance of positioning to control the actuators to carry out a series of movements automatically and integrate weighting, coding, wiring and packaging processes into one machine.

Intelligent Coding and Packaging System for Jewellery
Intelligent Coding and Packaging System for Jewellery