Process Excellence

  • A series of process improvement activities including understanding and diagnosing the entire value chain, identifying wastes, digging out root causes, developing and implementing solutions to drive business process excellence (i.e. productivity improvement, operational cost reduction, etc…)
  • Lean / Six Sigma (Systematic approach for enhancing the processes in cost effective way
Service details:
  • Lean Management: HKPC provides consultancy and training services on Lean Management for assisting enterprises on enhancing cost effectiveness based on the management practice of Toyota Production System. Through removing wastage on process, it improves overall operational effectiveness.
  • Six Sigma: HKPC provides consultancy and training services on Six Sigma to help enterprises achieve breakthrough quality improvement through five processes - defining opportunities, measuring performance, analyzing opportunity, improving performance and controlling performance
  • Operation Diagnosis: Based on the enterprise’s overall business strategy and identified competitive advantages, this service focus to highlight its strengths and weaknesses and find out the core problems of operation and organization through analysis and evaluation of the current manufacturing strategy, management methodology, operational efficiency and production costs, and provides appropriate suggestions and solutions for enterprise.
  • Operation Standardization: HKPC conducts organizational reviews, process standardization and establishment of standard documents to improve the operation quality and efficiency.
  • Factory Layout Management: HKPC offers quick diagnosis service for factory layout management. Through the analytic methodology of Systematic Layout Planning (SLP), it identifies the problem of the factory, including shopfloor layout and facility design, and provides suggestion for enhancing production efficiency of the factory.
  • Coaching and training: We provide consultancy services to assist the client improve business performance (i.e. improve productivity, reduce operational cost).

We will also help the clients establish lean management system, enhance the client’s problem solving capability, in order to achieve process excellence.

This one-stop shop service includes theory training, application (project implementation) and coaching.